Millions of people who live on social housing estates don’t have a local accessible worshipping community. That’s why we want to plant new worshipping communities where there is no church and help existing estate churches to flourish.

This is frontline work for the Church and new approaches are needed. CCX is there at the cutting edge, devising new training and resources. We work with local Christian leaders who have rich local knowledge and experience. We want estates’ communities to know they are valuable to God, with a welcoming church expressing God’s love at the heart of each estate.

What would our towns and cities look like if there was a Christian worshipping community on every estate? Local leaders build estate churches best, which is why we launched our Become training course.

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Could you be a leader on your estate?

The Become course, about the Bible and leadership, is designed for anyone who lives on social housing estates or comes from a similar background. You don’t need to have any qualifications or have done any training. You just need to love Jesus, love your community and be ready to grow. We’re committed to helping you discover the gifts that God has given you and make them shine, so that you can become the best leader you can be.

Together we cover an overview of the Bible: discovering God’s story from Genesis to Revelation and what this means for us now. We spend some time looking at what evangelism means and give you the tools to help you share your faith. We check in on our own personal development and have space to think about our identity and the callings God has given us. We dive into some of the big questions of life and how we can approach them in light of Jesus. We talk about practical leadership skills and share ideas of how to grow teams and disciple others.

In a word – no! The course is designed to suit anyone who feels passionately called to estates ministry. Ongoing, approachable support for course members is built into the course’s DNA. Throughout the course, we will regularly take time to chat with each other about what God has been speaking to you about, what you’re learning and how you’re going to put it into action. We also encourage everyone to have a Learning Mentor who can journey alongside you between the sessions.

At the end of the course, you will need to demonstrate your learning. But it doesn’t have to be an essay: you could make an art piece, write a poem, record a song, have an interview – we are open to all different ways of you showing the journey you’ve been on.  You will become a Commissioned Estate Leader and be sent out to wherever and whatever God is calling you to.

It costs your time and your commitment, but it doesn’t cost any cash.

Our next course begins in January 2022. We will be gathering online and in Local Hubs across London and beyond, for 18 monthly sessions of learning and growing together.

Reach your local estate

We’d love to help you discover what God is calling you, your church or your area to.

  • Championing estates churches & worshiping communities on estates at all levels.
  • Connecting those on the front line with like-minded people for support and training.
  • Consulting with individuals, churches, deaneries, areas to plant new worshiping communities on estates.

We love to talk to people who are passionate about estates ministry whether they are already involved or looking to get involved in the future.

We’d love to connect you with a suitable speaker, whether for your church, training event, deanery or area meeting or conference.

An example of this is when Helen Shannon spoke about her passion for planting on estates at the Ekkelsia Church Leaders’ Round Table Conference in 2021.

We are looking for churches to host local hubs of the BECOME course. Each hub will meet once a month and require two course hosts who with help the participants get the most out of the teaching and learning actives which are provided. They will also facilitate the participants leading the open and closing worship working alongside the BECOME course co-ordinator.