Championing the Church across estates, planting and supporting estate church communities

Millions of people who live on social housing estates don’t have a local church accessible to them. That’s why we want to plant new worshipping communities where there is no church and also help existing estate churches to flourish.

This is frontline work for the Church and new approaches are needed. CCX is there at the cutting edge, devising new training and resources. We work with local Christian leaders who have rich local knowledge and experience. We want estates’ communities to know they are valuable to God, and have a welcoming church expressing God’s love at the heart of each estate.

What would our towns and cities look like if there was a Christian worshipping community on every estate?

Courses that equip local leaders

Become is for leaders from estate and low income communities who are right at the beginning of their journeys and don’t necessarily fit traditional training pathways. It is an accessible theology and leadership course with a creative, interactive approach to learning.