Grow Course

Growth is a natural kingdom activity. As you consider what growth looks like in your church context, our course is there to support, inspire and equip you.

The Grow Course is an 8-12 month course for lay and ordained leaders who are passionate about seeing God’s word fulfilled and lived out in their Christian community.  It brings together around 10 churches of any size and tradition who want to grow in numbersdepth and impact.

The course is structured around four learning communities, each focusing on a key aspect of church growth. Between each session, you will have access to one on one leadership coaching and access to online learning for you and your team.

Time Commitment

As a church leader, you will attend an introductory session (2h on Zoom). After that, you and your team (optional) will attend four learning communities (4h on Zoom or in-person) over a period of approximately 8-12 months. You will work through the online content (5h in total) at your own pace between learning communities (during team away days or team meetings for example).


This is calculated according to the size of your church by average weekly attendance. ​The price ranges from £400 – £1600 per church for the whole course including online content, facilitated learning communities and one on one coaching. This also includes a free subscription to Churchsuite for 12 months, a package to help you record important data throughout the course.
We do not want money to be a barrier for any church. So please get in touch if this is something you’d like to discuss.


Learning Communities are currently held online via Zoom. There are no plans to return to live courses yet, but we are constantly reviewing this considering feedback from course attendants.

Join our free introduction on Zoom

We regularly hold introduction sessions for church leaders who are interested in joining the course and would like to know more. They are usually held on Wednesdays from 9.30 to 11.30 am GMT on Zoom.

Choose your start date to sign up to our course

Vocation: Wednesday 6th April 2022, 10am – 3pm

Formation: Wednesday 15th June 2022, 10am – 3pm

Mission: Wednesday 21th September 2022, 10am – 3pm

Multiplication: Wednesday  2nd November 2022, 10am – 3pm

Vocation: Wednesday 25th May 2022, 10am – 1pm

Formation: Wednesday 29th June 2022, 10am – 1pm

Mission: Wednesday 13th July 2022, 10am – 1pm

Multiplication: Wednesday 9th November 2022, 10am – 1pm

Vocation: Wednesday 14th September 2022, 10am – 1pm

Formation: Wednesday 16th November 2022, 10am – 1pm

Mission: Wednesday 18th January 2023, 10am – 1pm

Multiplication: Wednesday 15th March 2023, 10am – 1pm

Vocation: Wednesday 25th January 2023, 10am – 1pm

Formation: Wednesday 22th March 2023, 10am – 1pm

Mission: Wednesday 24th May 2023, 10am – 1pm

Multiplication: Wednesday 12th July 2023, 10am – 1pm

Any other questions?

Please email Catherine below. You can also call or message Simon on: 07307795898