Creative Growth London

A journey of growth for every London church

Creative Growth is an ambition of the Diocese of London for every Londoner to encounter the love of God in Christ.

The Creative Growth team aims to help the Church:

  • Grow in health, depth and impact

  • Reach new people by starting a new thing

We believe God is calling us to grow in number as the creative body of Christ. Creative Growth is an invitation for every model of ministry and church in London to start a journey of growth and multiplication.

How do I play my part?

The Creative Growth ambition is being delivered by The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication (CCX), led by the Bishop of Islington, at the invitation of the Diocese of London. Creative Growth works through a process of consultation, coaching and courses delivered through learning communities, to encourage creative growth and multiplication. 

Creative Growth can equip every tradition to grow, plant, pioneer and support estates mission, whether led by ordained or everyday leaders.

Stories from London

Growing a healthy church


Journeying with churches in practices of health, renewal and multiplication

We help the Church to grow in health, breadth and impact.

CCX will lead your team through a process of coaching, peer-to-peer learning and training with expert practitioners. We will learn together through the topics of vocation, formation, mission and multiplication.

Find out more about growing a healthy church.

Starting something new


Equipping the Church to multiply – planting and revitalising church communities

We believe everyone has a part to play in planting new worshipping communities, pioneering a brand-new model of church or revitalising an existing parish. CCX has a broad range of church multiplication experience and learning to share with you.

Our 2030 goal is to partner with parishes, to support their work and see 400 new or renewed worshipping communities start across the diocese.

Find out more about planting with CCX.


Encouraging the Church to pioneer, starting new church communities in creative ways

Our work with Pioneers focuses on London, where we support the work of the 2030 Vision and its Creative Growth ambition, to have 400 new church communities in London by 2030. We have developed a network of pioneer practitioners, both lay and ordained, who meet in Learning Circles across the diocese.

We offer consultation to parishes and churches seeking to explore pioneering, and partner with Church Mission Society to host Pioneer School, a training hub that offers a year-long experience for those who seek to become recognised pioneers in the diocese.

Find out more about pioneering with CCX.

Estates Mission

Championing the Church across estates, planting and supporting estate church communities

We have developed training and resources with Christian leaders who have rich contextual knowledge and experience. We want estates’ communities to know they are valuable to God, with a welcoming church expressing God’s love at the heart of each estate.

Find out more about the CCX Estates Mission.