For over 100 years, Stewardship has been working to serve the UK Church.  They work closely with church leaders and the organisations they lead to help equip and resource them to become healthy and sustainable when it comes to money, governance and mission.

No one starts a church or charity to spend time on admin, regulation and processes. That’s where Stewardship comes in, lending their expertise, knowledge and experience to strengthen churches and ministries. Enabling churches to fulfil their God given vision.

Stewardship’s Partner Services team provide churches and Christian charities with ‘CauseBuilder’; a range of partnership services to meet your needs as well as a specific Church Planting Pathway which coaches church leaders in a range of areas, which include:

  • Helping to fund your role as a church leader
  • Forming a charity
  • Managing online giving and fundraising
  • Supporting and training trustees and your finance team
  • Setting up your first employee on payroll
  • Making sure your accounts are compliant
  • Providing loans for building projects.

Stewardship are here to partner with you so you can focus on the vision God has given you. Find out more about Stewardship’s Causebuilder.