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Mel’s passion for serving Jesus in London’s East End

Mel has lived her entire life in Bow in London's East End. While she had always been a part of a church, a spell of drug use in her late teens saw her life 'crumble'.

A journey with Jesus that began with the miraculous birth of a healthy son has seen Mel’s life change dramatically. She’s now been clean from drugs for six years, and feels that ‘The devil has lost his hold on me with drug addiction’. Mel now serves passionately on the team of All Hallows Bow, serving in ministries including the church’s homeless outreach.

We were thrilled to share Mel’s story at Multiply Estates Mission 2024 – one of many examples of the transformative work of Jesus, calling people into service and leadership roles they would never have thought possible.

If you’re inspired by Mel’s story and want to know more about Estates Ministry, you can find out more here.