Equipping anyone from a social housing estate with tools to serve their community.

Become is for leaders from estate and low income communities who are right at the beginning of their journeys and don’t necessarily fit into traditional training pathways. It is an accessible theology and leadership course with a creative, interactive approach to learning.

Offering videos that are a hybrid of teaching, activities and discussions, Become is delivered over 15 sessions through Local Hubs – gatherings of 6-12 Become participants meeting in different venues across the UK. Each Local Hub meets regularly, journeying together as they discover more about God and his call on their lives.

Key Questions

Together we cover an overview of the Bible, discovering God’s story from Genesis to Revelation and what this means for us now. We spend time looking at what evangelism means and provide tools to help share our faith. We check in on our own personal development and have space to think about our identity and the callings God has given us. We dive into some of the big questions of life and how we can approach them in light of Jesus. We talk about practical leadership skills and share ideas of how to grow teams and disciple others.

There’s no exam, but you will need to share what you have learned at the end of the course.

It costs your time and your commitment, but it doesn’t cost any cash.

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