Every church was planted once. In every generation, and across diverse church traditions, the Church has multiplied to reach new people, in new and renewed ways.

Planting new worshipping communities, pioneering a brand-new model of church or working with church renewal through ‘fresh expressions’ are all ways to multiply churches. And CCX has decades of church multiplication experience and learning to share with you.

If church planting is our main way of reaching new people, everyone has a part to play. You may be ordained or not, you could be a plant team member, a prayer partner or a financial supporter. Working together, we can plant and revitalise worshipping communities in different contexts and church traditions – all are needed.

The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.

C. Peter Wagner, Church Planting for a Greater Harvest

What is Church Planting?

Church planting is central to the Bible’s understanding of mission and to the theology of the church. It’s an aspect of mission that has been recaptured in the past few decades. Church planting is something which is changing and evolving. Building on biblical, traditional and historic roots, church plants grow and take on the character of the communities which they are trying to reach and serve.

Today, all kinds of new churches and Christian communities are forming, from every Christian tradition and in every context. Leadership models too are evolving, with church plants led by clergy and lay people, volunteers, bivocational and part-time leaders and teams.

Plant Course

The Plant Course is a practical, encouraging and stretching course to equip church planters and their teams. It’s designed for churches who are ready to plant in the next 6-12 months and have their bishop’s or denominational authority’s approval.

We offer the Plant Course in two formats: an online self-guided course, and a live, facilitated course. Both cover the same key aspects of church planting, including: vision and values of the plant, planting strategy, models of outreach and evangelism, leadership and team building, finances, working with the diocese

The Plant Course is for all church traditions, approaches and contexts. We’re committed to supporting each team in their journey of multiplying disciples and congregations. In the long-term, we’ve found that people who are trained do a much better job than those who aren’t.

Church planting can feel like a roller-coaster ride all on your own but the Plant Course helps you feel that you’re not alone and works through all those things that could keep you up at night. A must for anyone who has a passion to join God’s mission in bringing people to Christ and growing his church.

Steve Burston, St John’s Crawley

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