The Lord calls each of us to follow him in his mission to the world he loves.  There are many ways to do this, and our own calling will be shaped around our personalities, histories and opportunities. 

We are living in an exciting time when there are more and more opportunities to be involved in God’s mission through church planting, pioneering, a fresh expression of church.  Church leadership is also increasingly varied – some are called to be ordained, others to lead and be involved in pioneering and leadership teams as lay volunteers, or in conjunction with other paid jobs.

We often go on something of a journey to find out and to clarify just what it is the Lord is calling us to be involved in.  It is helpful to do this with a mixture of informed input, opportunity to pray and reflect, and to do so with others on a similar season of discovery and exploration.

Would it be helpful to explore the Lord’s calling for you with regard to church planting and pioneering?

The Holy Spirit said, ‘Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them'

Acts 13:2

Multiply 2022

Be part of our annual conference. Join with others on Thursday 23 June to learn more about planting, growth and multiplication.

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Plant: Want to start something new?

Every church was planted once. It was started by a group of people passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. Discover how can you get involved.

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Are you a Pioneer?

Do you like to try new things or do things in a new way? Do you long for people outside the Church to experience the love of God in their lives? Then you might be a Pioneer.

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Be part of the story

Do you have a vision to plant or be part of a planting team? Take a look at planting jobs around the UK and see what’s on offer.

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