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Liturgical Mission

Modern missional movements have often viewed the historic Christian traditions with suspicion. The old traditions may be beautiful, the thinking goes, but they're too insular, focused primarily on worship and on the interior life of the church, and not looking outward to evangelism and good works.

In Liturgical Mission, Winfield Bevins argues that the church’s liturgy and sacramental life are in fact deeply missional. He explores the historic practices of the Christian church, demonstrating how they offer a holistic framework for everyday Christian discipleship and mission in the twenty-first century. The result is a book that not only invites all Christians back to the historic liturgy of the church, but also invites those already in liturgical churches to rediscover the missional life that has too often remained latent in their own traditions.

Winfield Bevins is an author, teacher, artist, and coach. He is director of Church Planting at Asbury Seminary and co-founder of Missional Formation Coaching. He describes himself as a “liturgical missiologist”, writing and teaching about the intersection of worship and mission in today’s world. He has trained and coached leaders from around the world and frequently speaks at conferences, churches, and schools on a variety of topics. He has a Doctor of Ministry from Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest and is pursuing a PhD at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

“Winfield Bevins is the perfect author for this important book, bringing together worship and mission. His practical wisdom and thoughtful experience, drawing on ancient and modern stories and sources, give both depth and energy to explore and mine the opportunities that these two vital movements bring to each other for the greater good of the church.” Ric Thorpe, Bishop of Islington, Church of England

Exclusive Preview: Liturgical Mission by Winfield Bevins
Adapted from Chapter 8, “Join the Fiesta”