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Grow Course: Four Week Invitation Plan

Marie-Louise Aitken outlines a practical way to set a culture of invitation in your church.


In this video, Marie suggests a four-week plan to spark a culture of invitation in your church.

  1. Research at Alpha UK shows that 94% of guests were invited by a friend or family member, and an average of 1 in 6 invitations are successful. In light of these figures, what ambitious goal could you set for invitation in your church? What do you think about Mary’s suggestion of setting [Congregation size x 6] as a target?
  2. On Sundays, how can you make the invisible invitation, visible? How can you facilitate the sharing of stories of invitation in your church? Could your church introduce a message or sermon series specifically on invitation?
  3. How can you then make the visible, accountable? Can you establish prayer triplets over the next four weeks? How can you let this culture take hold in your midweek gatherings?