Resource Churches

Resource churches are the latest chapter in the Church’s ongoing story of mission – designated churches which resource mission and strengthen the Church. 

Originally conceived as medieval minster churches, today’s resource churches are part of a diocesan strategy for growth. They’re invited to plant churches, develop mission-minded leaders and multiply their ministries and resources across the wider Church.

How does CCX help? We work with dioceses to identify and train potential resource churches. We help to match potential trainee leaders to resource churches, where they can develop their calling and experience before taking up a missional post in a church plant or revitalised church context.

Resource churches are proving to be one of the most effective strategies for the church in recent years. There are now around 100 resource churches, spread across different church traditions and different regions, a vital part of a developing church ecology.

What is a mixed ecology of church?

To reach new people, we need many different types of new worshipping communities across the diverse traditions of the Church and everyone has a part to play.

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What’s next for your church?

CCX runs courses which support you in planting, pioneering and estates mission. These are available both face-to-face and online. Take a look at what’s on offer

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