Solid empirical data around the state of church planting in England

Reliable data about church planting and pioneering enables sound strategic decisions to be taken with confidence.  CCX collates and publishes the results of surveys, interviews and correspondence around the actual practice of church planting and pioneering in England.  There is also attention to the training available for church planters and pioneers.  There is a range of material here – reports and published accounts, data from conferences, Anglican dioceses, and more tailored projects.  The research should be of value to those looking to plant and pioneer, and to those making decisions at a strategic level.

Studying for a Doctor of Ministry

CCX partners with Asbury Theological Seminary to deliver Asbury’s Doctor of Ministry in Church Planting and Pioneering.  Currently, over 30 students from all round Britain and Europe are studying for this doctorate.  The vision is to provide robust theological training for movement leaders in the church planting and pioneering worlds, generating a corpus of work which can benefit all involved in starting new churches in the secularized, post-Christendom European context.

Engage with the theology of church planting

Robust theological input makes for exciting, healthy church plants that are in step with the Spirit. Read, listen and reflect on a range of theological resources.

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