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Pub outreach shares Jesus with the people of Oadby

A new area of ministry has opened up for St Peter's church in Oadby, Leicester, at a pub opposite the church. Pub-goers are taking up the opportunity to hear and discuss the gospel in this familiar space at the heart of the Oadby community.

St Peter’s Oadby in the Diocese of Leicester is experiencing exciting growth as new and younger people become involved in the life of the church, with many seeing their lives transformed by Jesus.

One new member, Emma, invited friends from the pub opposite St Peter’s to her baptism service, opening a whole new area of ministry for the church and to a new group of people in the pub community.

The success of running Alpha in the Black Dog, and God’s impact in this outreach, has led St Peter’s to explore how it could set up a new lay-led worshipping community beyond the church. A team has joined the Catalyst hub, based at St John the Baptist Church Clarendon Park, taking part in the Myriad Learning Pathway, a two and a half year journey that will equip them with the tools needed to establish a new church community in this context.

Watch Revd Jon Tearne and Emma tell the story of how God is working in Oadby.