In partnership with Garden Church and the diocese of Norwich we are excited to announce this great opportunity for those inspired and called to lead and develop new church communities in their local area.

Over two and half years, the Norwich Hub will provide you with a range of key tools to accompany you and your teams as you journey with us and seek to plant, establish and grow communities of faith in your local area.

Lay church planters will assemble a small team of people and join with a number of other teams to form a learning community that will grow together as they explore themes such as: vision and discernment; leading and teams; planting; discipling; growth and multiplication. The learning pathway includes five two-day, in-person, gatherings, online learning and mentoring.

Our gatherings will be held on Walsingham at:
2024: 11th October
2025: 28th March, 03rd October
2026: 17th April, 02nd October

For more information, contact the hub leader David Lloyd.