Watch / 19 min

Grow Course: Fostering Innovation

Wole Agbaje offers six tips on fostering innovation in your church.


Reflect on the 6 tips on fostering innovation in your church.

  1. Stop being a limiting factor: Do people beyond your core team feel like they are equipped to participate in your vision?
  2. Seek revelation not replication: What has God in store for your church in its particular context?
  3. Let those with the biggest vision lead: Are you witnessing any fears disguised as logic? How can you support the vision of those around you?
  4. Get more people in the room: Who are the prophets or people with particular skills or sensitivities in your community?
  5. Release your teams: Is your team asking you for permission or for guidance?
  6. Limited resources doesn’t mean it’s impossible: Are there areas where you feel like you need to take a step of faith?