X Collective

A disciple making movement

Who is the X Collective?

So many have given their lives for Jesus and faithfully served his Church over 200 generations. However, many are asking if the Church in its current form can contain what lies ahead.

We are stepping into a new era and asking: how do we walk together, navigate the many storms, and play our part in the coming harvest? There is a renewed sense of hunger for Jesus and a deepening desire to move with the Holy Spirit to see nations won for Christ.

We have decided to create a gathering point for church leadership teams to come together to seek God together and receive inspiration and input to help think through these issues. It will be a Spirit-led environment with apostolic and prophetic leadership and input from movement leaders around the world and in the UK.

Why not journey with us in a relationship to seek to discern how the Lord is calling us to shift our posture, sow abundant seeds and become disciples that make disciples?

To find out how you can be part of our in-person gatherings, starting October 2024, register your interest. Or if you have any questions, please email xcollective@ccx.org.uk

Core Leadership

John McGinley

Leader of the Myriad church planting ministry, THE SEND UK & Ireland and long-term leader within the New Wine family (currently a trustee)

Anne Calver

Unleashed Network of churches

Josh Cutting

Leader of The Way, Sheffield, a network of house churches and Operational Leader of THE SEND UK & Ireland

Josh Howard

Leader of Ignite Ministries, based in India, which oversees a church planting movement which consistently sees over 8,000 churches planted every year

Jo Henry

Who has 12+ years’ experience managing Christian events and projects, including Learning Communities alongside Nicola James

Andy Lee

Is the National Lead of Public Leadership for Evangelical Alliance, and founder of The Instant Leader.

Key Questions

– Deeply love Jesus

– Prioritise a rich prayer life and seeking God’s presence

– Have a calling to be a centre for mobilising and sending disciples

– May be wrestling with inherited attractional church models

– Are interested in becoming a disciple making movement

A very basic summary of the focus of our gatherings will be how to move from attractional, programme-led churches, to Spirit empowered, Spirit led churches, whose environment grows disciples who make disciples and kingdom church multiplication and transformation takes place. The aim is to have a community of friends all leading churches with a regional vision, significant attendance, and staff teams, all of which brings great opportunity but significant complexity.

We’ll explore topics including:
– A heart/posture shift

– Rhythms of prayer in personal life as a leader, and for church as a whole

– Do we have a wine skin fit for purpose?

– Abundant seed sowing

– Are we revival ready?

– Disciple making

Wednesday 16 – Thursday 17 October 2024 – The Hayes Conference Centre

Wednesday 12 – Thursday 13 March 2025 – High Leigh Conference Centre

Wednesday 8 – Thursday 9 October 2025 – The Hayes Conference Centre

Wednesday 18 – Thursday 19 March 2026 – High Leigh Conference Centre

When I was leading Holy Trinity Leicester, having a place to gather with other like-minded teams and connecting with the wider understanding of what God is doing was so healthy for us as a leadership team. And the discipline of going away together regularly to consider what God was saying to us was very significant in everything God did at HTL.

John McGinley

Further steps