X Collective

A disciple making movement

The X Collective is a shared training and learning space

Church leaders, armed with the principles of discipleship, can effectively transform existing churches into hubs of multiplication, impacting communities with the power of the Gospel.

The X Collective is a two-year journey for church leaders, delivered across four in-person gatherings and huddles in between. Our hope is to set time aside to recentre on our call as disciples of Jesus, and on the great commission to go and make more disciples. We’re currently shaping the format and content of our gatherings, so please get in touch if you have questions or observations on how this may work best.

Key Questions

Church leaders from any denomination that are wanting to lead disciple making movements. Whether you serve in a traditional church setting or a non-traditional context, if you have a heart to see your church become a dynamic hub of disciple multiplication, this space is for you. This journey will equip you with the necessary insights, strategies, and support to navigate the transition process, enabling you to move with others in step with Holy Spirit.

15 – 16 October 2024
18 – 19 March 2025
7 – 8 October 2025
17 – 18 March 2026
All hosted from King’s Arms Church Bedford

If you are interested and would like to find out more about it, please fill this form and our team will be in touch.

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