Beth Cope

Beth is an Anglican Pioneer Minister, who moved to the new town of Northstowe in 2018, when only 150 of the planned 10,000 houses were occupied. She immediately tried to register the new garage at “Church House” as a Historic Church Building , in order to welcome those taking part in the national Ride and Stride day. Soon after, she partnered with the local housebuilders to throw an All Hallows Eve party on her drive… and then helped construct a Christmas Tree support out of spare bits of roof truss from another developer. But you can’t “pioneer” alone: since then, she’s been “praying, exploring, and sharing” with those of all Christians traditions and none as they’ve tried to spot where God is at work. And join in. Pathfinder Church Northstowe has grown up as a fresh expression of church, celebrating baptisms (in a field, with a bucket), communion (often around a campfire), and marking the big festivals (kite flying at Pentecost). Things are fragile, beautiful.. and often rather dusty. But definitely of God!

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