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Light Breath by Nathan Obokoh

The creative opening of Multiply 2023 was the work of the hugely talented interdisciplinary artist, Nathan Obokoh.

Nathan’s artistic talent was recognised and encouraged when he was a child, but it gained a new prominence for him when he became a Christian while studying at university. He soon began developing his artistic range while being guided by the Spirit, drawing prophetic pieces for those around him.

When reflecting on how best to share the truth of Christ with those who find the common language of the Church confusing, Nathan found a technique created by an American artist, Stephen Knapp. Nathan experimented with the style, adding movement and spoken word to create the stunning performance piece, Light Breath.

Nathan generously adapted elements of Light Breath for a specially filmed version of the piece that opened Multiply 2023. You can watch this above. To hear more of Nathan’s story, watch the video below.