Become Local Hub Leader

Helen Shannon and Ash Chafe

July 2022

Learn more about becoming a local hub leader for the Become course

As you know at CCX we are passionate about raising leaders from estates, and we are so excited to be launching a new course in September that helps do just that: ‘Become’. The course builds on the success and lessons learned from the ‘Estates Course’ that we piloted throughout 2020/21.

Become is an accessible theology and leadership course with a creative, interactive approach to teaching. It is designed to equip those living on social housing estates and similar areas with the tools and training needed to serve their communities or estate churches, or play their part in church planting. The course is a hybrid of teaching videos, activities and discussions; and is delivered over 18 sessions through Local Hubs.

Local Hubs are gatherings of 6-12 Become students meeting in different venues across the UK. Each Local Hub meets every month, journeying together as they discover more about God, each other and themselves.

We are looking for churches to host local hubs of the BECOME course. Each hub will meet once a month and require two course hosts who with help the participants get the most out of the teaching and learning actives which are provided. They will also facilitate the participants leading the open and closing worship working alongside the BECOME course co-ordinator.

We would like to invite YOU to become a Local Hub Leader – facilitating a Local Hub in your area! We will give you the support throughout the entire course, and provide you with the training and resources you need. We ask you to:

  • gather a small team to help run the course
  • provide a welcoming environment to host the students, including refreshments
  • facilitate worship
  • help each student plan and deliver at least one ‘Thought for the Day’ and one ‘Creative Prayer’ activity during the course
  • ensure each student is connected with an appropriate Learning Mentor, and is regularly meeting with them

You will also need a projector (or similar) and PA (if needed) for each session.
If you would like to become a Local Hub Leader or would just like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Thinking of doing the Become course? You don’t need to have any qualifications or have done any training. You just need to love Jesus, love your community and be ready to grow. We’re committed to helping you discover the gifts that God has given you and make them shine, so that you can become the best leader you can be.

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