CCX Toolkit

Welcome to the CCX Toolkit page. On here you will find details of the core list of tools, including software applications, that we use within CCX across the whole team.

We can plan, market and run events. We can take card payments in multiple ways. We have access to tools for personal data management (Salesforce), project management (Clickup), productivity (Google, Office, etc.), communication (Mailchimp), collaboration (Slack), design (Figma, Adobe CC) and dissemination (Vimeo, Web CMS). We have lots more besides this.

When you find yourself in need of a tool, please consult this page first to see what we already have. If we don’t have it, please talk with your team lead or programme manager to work out how essential is what you want and how much benefit it will bring, then submit a new application request.

If you think anything is missing, then do contact the CCX Applications Manager Martin Brown.

Please look through this list first to see if we already have an application that does what you need it to do. Those in the Administrative, Core or Team lists are available for everyone to use.

It depends. If you want to use an application that does not appear here, then you need to make a request through the new process (press the button below). Decisions are based on:

  1. Productivity: what does it do that we can’t already do?
  2. Economics: how much does it cost and who is paying for it?
  3. Risk: what is the level of risk associated with that application?

Please take note of CCX’s data privacy policy when using personal data in any of your own private apps.

List of Current Core Applications

Non-Core Applications

Request a New Application