Bigger Picture

CCX helps diocesan and regional leaders to develop strategies for planting and growing churches at scale. We enable strategic planners to plant churches that are diverse in context, model and leadership, complementing existing churches in their region.

We’re a Church of England centre but work with many denominations and networks, including Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal.

We coach and train senior teams to develop church planting strategies and to align their structures to facilitate the creation of new Christian communities at scale. We want to work with those leaders who have been given responsibility to develop the missional growth of their churches. With the Church of England, we work with dioceses through their bishop and senior teams. With other denominations and networks, we work with their leadership structures.

We recognise that different traditions approach new churches and growth in different ways. We’re not here to persuade people, churches or networks to do it ‘our way’; we work with every tradition to help them to work out for themselves what is the most effective way forward.

Why do we need resource churches?

Discover how resource churches are starting new churches, developing initiatives with a city-wide vision, training leaders and creating resources for the wider Church.

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What is church revitalisation?

How can we bring new life and growth to an existing church community? Read about the principles and practices of revitalising worshipping communities.

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What is a mixed ecology of church?

To reach new people, we need many different types of new worshipping communities across the diverse traditions of the Church and everyone has a part to play.

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Be part of the story

Do you have a vision to plant or be part of a planting team? Take a look at planting jobs around the UK and see what’s on offer.

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