The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication

We help the Church to reach new people, in new and renewed ways.

Multiplying Churches

CCX has experience of equipping today’s churches, planters and pioneers  to multiply. We’re continually adding to our knowledge from practitioners so we can share best practice and training, underpinned by theological resources.

Growing Churches

CCX’s resources equip leaders as they develop and lead growing churches. We offer learning and coaching with some of the most experienced people in church growth, helping churches to connect with their tradition of growth and reframe this for a contemporary context. Of course, growth isn’t measured only in numbers, but in depth and impact; our growth training reflects this rounded approach.

Latest Content

Bigger Picture

CCX helps diocesan and regional leaders to develop strategies for planting and growing churches at scale. We enable strategic planners to plant churches that are diverse in context, model and leadership, complementing existing churches in their region.

The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.

C. Peter Wagner, Church Planting for a Greater Harvest