Why and what is Together?

September 2021


At the 2021 church planting conference, (MultiplyX:2021) the Gregory Centre (or CCX) welcomed Christians from across all contexts, size and traditions of church and from multiple organisations, movements and ministries. We have glimpsed what God does when people with a common vision gather together to learn, share, equip and inspire. We want to continue in this way, seeing amazing potential in using every means we can to share learning and resources together with the aim of seeing God’s kingdom grow. 

We are compelled by the missionary need and the scale of God’s call, for the gospel to be ‘proclaimed afresh in each generation’. Our contribution to this call is through planting churches and encouraging the practice of multiplication. But we cannot do this alone. We can only do it together with others.  We therefore work with a range of organisations and churches to bring the widest range of resources and thinking to help catalyse this movement.

Together is an expression of a number of core values for the Gregory Centre;

  • The church as the people of God must reflect the rich creativity of the Trinity and so the future of the church will not be found in a one size fits all model.
  • God’s Spirit deposits and grows different gifts and graces within different church traditions, denominations and ministries and as such we need each other.
  • Generosity and sharing resources is a response to and expression of the grace of God that we have received in Jesus Christ. 

Building upon these values we want to work in partnership with anyone who shares them and is willing to come together with us and others on this basis to serve the renewal, growth and multiplication of the church.  Together is an outworking of our desire to learn and share – not to move forward independently or to claim we know everything. We position ourselves humbly alongside others who long to see God’s kingdom grow. We want to be open to what God is doing in different ways through different people and organisations, a desire which reflects the vision of Myriad, a movement of people across organisations and denominations to see a multiplication of new forms of church.  

In the same way that Myriad seeks to serve and resource many different expressions of church, through Together we want to shine a light on what God is doing and inspiring through many Christian organisations, movements and ministries, helping the church to learn and grow. 

We are open and ready to work with others in any way that builds up – this may be different in each case –  through mutual encouragement and inspiration, or by working on curated content, events and projects alongside one another.

Working together does not imply we will always agree or share an understanding about everything, simply that we have seen the potential fruitfulness of coming together on a particular project or resource. A simple uniting reference point is the Nicene Creed which played such a decisive role in keeping the unity of the church on the basis of the truth of Scripture and which continues to be just as relevant today.

And this also means that the working together may not necessarily be permanent but there is a freedom to review and change at any time (including changing, updating and removing curated content) and an annual review is an expected aspect of our work with others.