If the Church was restarting tomorrow, where should it invest?

This is what a church revitalisation strategy takes as its starting point. It means giving struggling churches a fresh start, enabling mission and ministry to thrive in those neighbourhoods identified as priority by the diocese. It’s never easy and always sacrificial. It must be founded on prayer and be prepared to be disruptive – but with such rewards when new life springs up.

Revitalisation is generated by apostolic partnerships between better-resourced churches and struggling churches. That’s where CCX comes in, with a wealth of resources to train, share best practice and equip people and churches on a revitalisation journey. Our work in church planting and pioneering complements the revitalisation process.

CCX practitioners represent years of experience in this field and have seen significant change and renewal come about, across different church traditions and dioceses. One East London cluster of five inner-city churches saw their numbers grow from 72 to 750 in a decade. This released significant funds over the years, previously used to support dwindling churches, for the diocese to reinvest in revitalisation and the Church to reach neighbourhoods who lacked a worshipping community.