Multiplying Churches

Across history, planting new churches has been the norm for Christians. In the 21st century, CCX is here to support you to plant in the way God is calling you.

CCX has experience of equipping today’s churches, planters and pioneers to multiply. We’re continually adding to our knowledge from practitioners so we can share best practice and training, underpinned by theological resources.

New churches won’t – indeed, mustn’t – look exactly like existing churches. The diversity of church contexts, structures and leadership models can be the strength of the Church, reflecting the diversity of our nation.

Established and newly planted churches ‘being church’ together is known as ‘mixed ecologies’ and it’s part of the Church of England’s national vision. It means anybody, anywhere, can find a church where they feel at home and it complements the parish structure.

Where do I begin?

There are many ways to be involved in church planting. Explore how you can be part of this movement, whether you’re ordained or not.

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Want to plant something new?

Every church was planted once. It was started by a group of people passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. How can you get involved?

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Are you a Pioneer?

Are you a Pioneer? Do you like to try new things or do things in a new way? Do you long for people outside the Church to experience the love of God in their lives? Then you might be a Pioneer.

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Want to reach or lead on your estate?

Millions of people who live on social housing estates don’t have a local accessible worshipping community. Explore how you can become a leader on your estate or reach your local estate.

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