Tuesday 20 June

Multiply 2023



We want to start our day together in prayer, giving thanks and bearing witness to all God is doing in our churches and ministries, asking for his Spirit to move in even greater measure.

Would you join us before the activity of the conference begins, to consecrate both our hearts and the day for God, that he would do amazing things within and through those attending.

We will be gathering from 8:45am. Bring your whole self, bring your team, and let’s pray for the increase that comes from God alone.

Please note: unfortunately, the crypt where this will be held has limited accessibility. If you are unable to use stairs, we are afraid you won’t be able to gain access.

Doors open at 9:30am. Our team will be on hand to welcome you, sign you in and give you your personal lanyard. Once you’ve collected your lanyard, come to the CCX stand where we’ll help you connect with others who share similar interests, and book you a 1:1 slot on a Coaching Counter.

Take your seat as your hosts guide you through a programme of stories, teaching and conversations from across the global church.

When we come together today to celebrate the variety of the church life in our region and nation, what does it mean to you that we start by being united together in Jesus Christ?

What might become possible if different churches gathered together, worshipping together, visioned together, missioned together, stepped out in the Spirit together?

What small or emerging effort to be church, that you know of, needs care, encouragement, nurture, permission and blessing?

Who is missing? What kinds of churches may be needed to reach what kinds of community?

Listen to the Spirit: where must we go next to carry God’s gospel? Where must the light of Christ shine in this age?

Revitalising Parishes

Revitalising parishes is a key part of the Mixed Ecology strategy, enabling parish churches to have a renewed ministry to their communities after they have experienced decline. Join Grace and Carl to explore how this vital work can take place.

Grace Bally, Carl Robinson

Baldwin Ground

Developing Leaders

Nick Crawley will lead us to think through the process of raising up new leaders, exploring the practices that enable them to grow, and reflecting on how these have often not been present in existing pathways.

Nick Crawley


Forming Whole-Life Disciples

Josh Howard and Steve Addison will look at the subject of forming whole-life disciples – developing simple, replicable communities which empower people in their discipleship.

Steve Addison, Josh Howard


To ensure you can make the most of your time at Multiply 2023 to connect with others, we recommend bringing your lunch with you or nipping out and collecting a meal from a local vendor, returning to eat with others onsite during the conference.

St Nicholas is located next to a food market where you can choose from a wide selection of street food, including Wok Box, paella, tacos, pies, jerk chicken, Middle Eastern and barbecue.

A range of local shops and coffee shops are also situated nearby (including Pret, Sandwich Sandwich).

How to Foster a Mixed Ecology

Ed Olsworth-Peter will explore the topic of how we can foster a Mixed Ecology, considering how we can each contribute to the mission of God in different ways, and acknowledging the challenges this brings.

Ed Olsworth-Peter

Baldwin Ground

Forming New Worshipping Communities

An exploration of how to form new worshipping communities – with a particular focus on supporting ordinary people to plant new church communities in the places God has called them.

John McGinley


Disciple-Making Movements

An exploration of disciple-making movements taking place around the globe, with discussion of which aspects of these movements can be applied to a UK context.

Steve Addison, Josh Howard


Our day will come to a formal close around 4:00 pm, but please do stay for prayer, further connection or to explore the bookstall.

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