Creative growth is a key goal of the Diocese of London – and CCX is the Diocese’s engine-room for that growth.  That’s the Diocese 2030 vision – to be a church for every Londoner to encounter the love of God in Christ.  

At CCX, we want to enable parishes to double the London church in the next ten years, with every parish starting a new worshipping community. This starts with prayer and builds on the momentum of 87 new worshipping communities formed in the diocese over the past seven years.

CCX is here to resource this exciting vision.  We’re inviting every parish to join our Grow Course, to learn more about mission and multiplication. If you’re attracted to starting something new, our Pioneer Course and Become Course for social housing estates will help you explore pioneering. You’ll find many more CCX resources to inspire and support your parish in growth, including research, events, case studies and digital resources.

As well as Anglican churches, nearly all CCX’s resources are available to churches of other Christian denominations in the capital. We want to partner with you to build the Body of Christ and see the Church multiply across London.

Creative Growth in London

Want to plant a new worshipping community?

Every church was planted once. It was started by a group of people passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. How can you get involved?

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Want to grow your church?

Jesus always intended the church to grow so that everyone has a chance to respond to the gospel. Discover ways to grow your ministries and congregations.

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Pioneering across London

If you’re pioneering in your community and want to be trained and connected with others, join us to understand your calling and gain new skills.

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Want to reach or lead on London estates?

Millions of people who live on London estates don’t have a local accessible worshipping community. Explore how you can become a leader on your estate or reach your local estate.

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