We’re have a brand new programme of weekly Livestreams this year. These are free and anyone can register to join in. Livestreams are a great opportunity to hear from and interact with experts and practitioners around themes of multiplying disciples, churches and networks. Take a look at what’s coming up:

Monday 15 March at 16.00

Space to Pray: Lament

20 minutes of guided prayer helping you lament loss, pain and unfulfilled hopes and dreams hosted by
Mark Bishop.

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Monday 22  March at 14.30

Is there a theology of Church Planting?

John Valentine talks with Will Foulger, Director of Mission and Evangelism at Cranmer Hall in Durham about the theology of church planting and why it matters.

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Tuesday 23 March at 14.30

Plant: It’s better with a team

Co-authors of Lead: 50 models for success in work & life, and co-planters, John Greenway, Andy Blacknell and Andy Coombe talk about what drives the performance of a planting team.

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Wednesday 24 March at 15.00

Grow: Catholic Formation: Making Catholic Disciples

How are churches from the Catholic tradition doing discipleship in this season? Revd Darren Wolf talks with Fr Marcus Walker and Fr Matthew Cashmore about how they are engaging in new ways with those in their communities looking to grow spiritually.

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Wednesday 29  March at 13.00

Pioneer Update

CCX Pioneer Enabler Phil Hoyle chats with Mark Bishop about the launch of the new ‘Intro to Pioneering’ self-guided online course and with Idina Dunmore about her experiences as a pioneer in an intercultural context.

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Thursday 15 April 14:00

Plant: Discerning Where to Plant

How do we know when and where God wants us to plant? Guest Host Paul Pavlou talks with Janie Cronin, Tim Matthews and Adam Atkinson about how their planting journeys came about.

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Monday 19th April 14:30

Plant: Ripples and Stones

John Valentine interviews Gareth Robinson, church planter and recent author of Ripples and Stones.

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Tuesday 20 April 15:00

Plant: Planting with Children and Youth

Sam Donoghue, Rachel Gardner and Andy Milne are all passionate about making space for children and youth in new plants, but how do we do this?

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Monday 26 April 13:00

Pioneer: Paul Bradbury

Phil Hoyle chats with the Revd Paul Bradbury, the leader of Poole Missional Communities, speaker and co-author of the Pioneer Spectrum, as he introduces the new ‘Table’ resource for developing pioneer communities in your locality.

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Thursday 6 May 14:30

Ask the Bishop: Navigating the legalities of Church Planting

Thinking through the legal implications of starting or renewing a new Christian Community? Need help navigating BMO’s, licenses, CIO’s, Section 9, Payroll, DBS, legal frameworks – no question is too small! Join Bishop Ric Thorpe and Bishop Pete Broadbent, the Bishop of Willesden.

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Past Livestreams

available on CCX.media

Tuesday 19 January

multiplyX 2021: Together 

Bishop Ric Thorpe and Wole Agbaje discuss the theme of this year’s church planting conference in June. Come and find out about the conference, ask questions and join in the conversation.

Tuesday 26 January

Plant: Why Church Planting Works

Church planters and trainers John Valentine, Andy Blacknell and Tors Ramsey discuss the theology, urgency and innovation of church planting.

Wednesday 3 February at 15:00

Grow: Digital Disciples

How do we make disciples online? Darren Wolf, Lois Tackie-Oblie and Wole Agbaje address this timely question and share their experience of helping people to grow in their discipleship in a digital world.

Tuesday 9 February at 14:30

Estates: An Interview with Helen Shannon.

Ten years after planting Church@Five, Helen is interviewed about her journey and her vision to see a worshipping community on every estate in London.

Tuesday 23 February at 14.30

Plant: Who Plants Churches?

Hannah Patton is a resource church planter in Goole in Yorkshire, and Mohan Seevaratnam is a bivocational church planter in North London. They talk with CCX team members Ros Hoare and John Valentine about what qualities are needed in potential church planters.

Wednesday 24 February at 15:00

Grow:Well-being and spiritual health for the long haul in a digital world

How do we make space for wellbeing and spiritual health in today’s world? Darren Wolf addresses this important question with Revd Hilary Ison and Dr Rosemary Gomes, particularly in relation to clergy and church leaders.

Wednesday 3 March at 14.30

Estates: A conversation with Ben Woodfield

From Oldhams Church in the Antioch Network in Greater Manchester, Ben Woodfield is interviewed by Helen Shannon about his journey of pioneering in urban areas.

Thursday 4 March at 10.30

Ask the Bishop: Developing a church planting and growth strategy

Join Bishop Ric and Mike Starkey, Head of Church Growth for the Diocese of Manchester, to discuss a fresh look at growth and the challenges that this brings in a post-Covid world.