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The SEND: Mobilising a missional generation

THE SEND exists to mobilise a younger generation (16-25 year olds) to live a life devoted to Jesus and take the Gospel wherever he sends them. John McGinley, Lead of Myriad, explains how it can help churches mobilise a missional generation

The SEND is an international movement that’s enabled a coalition of churches and organisations in the UK & Ireland, including CCX, to come together around this vision. Here are three specific ways THE SEND can serve your church and ministry.

Arena and stadium events
We are holding catalytic events that gather younger people to hear the missionary call of the Gospel, intercede for this work and meet with Jesus as we worship together. It’s vital that each young person knows they are not alone in following Jesus but are part of a vast tribe who are rising up in faith. From these events we offer follow up with multiple mission agencies in the areas of schools, universities, church planting and international mission to enable young people to take action. We begin at OVO Arena Wembley on Sunday 7 July. Why not encourage and sponsor a group to go from your church? We’ll hold further events in arenas and churches across our nations before coming together for a stadium gathering in London in Summer 2025.

Spotfire communities
We are forming ‘Spotfire’ communities to equip young people, meeting monthly to pray for personal and national revival, and encourage each other to share the gospel. A group may already exist in your church or there may be a need for one to form across churches in an area. By connecting with THE SEND, these groups will receive encouragement and resources to fuel the fire of missional living.

Be a partner church
THE SEND is a church movement. By being a partner church you will receive regular updates and engagement with THE SEND. We offer worship teams and speakers to come and share THE SEND’s vision and lead inspirational meetings in churches and youth and young adult gatherings.

You can register your interest in THE SEND today, suggesting a young adult to represent your church and buy tickets for Wembley Arena.

This article was printed in Multiply 2024: The Manual, a publication that accompanied the programme of Multiply 2024, which explored multiplying a younger church. You can find related content below.